Manage in-site sales

Shopping cart

Once artwork or books are listed for sale, visitors can add them to their cart for purchase just by clicking the Add to CartAdd to Cart link when viewing the item.

Checkout and payment

Users can pay with most popular credit cards, or with PayPal. They can check out with the streamlined PayPal Express Checkout button, which routes them to PayPal for secure payment and returns them to your site for final order review and approval. Or, they can check out directly and securely on your site with web pages secured with SSL encryption. Checkout

Users receive an email after ordering with their full order receipt details, as well as a link to their order receipt for reference on your web site. They can also log in at your site and view their historical orders any time with the "Orders" link in their in-site navigation bar.

Order Management

Buyers or sellers can review orders placed and received with the "Order History" page, and from there review order details for any previous order.

Use the "Search Orders Received" page to find or sort historical orders received.